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Course Information

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Layout Hole Description
HNCP 6 Blue 490 White 475 Red 410

Straight away tree lined Par 5 with bunkers coming into play on tee shot and approach shots.

HNCP 14 Blue 349 White 339 Red 240

Tree lined Par 4 with fairway doglegging left. Island style green with water protecting the sides and back of green.

HNCP 12 Blue 375 White 340 Red 285

Par 4 with slight doglegging left fairway, water runs adjacent left side of fairway, The green is long and narrow with water on left and sand bunkers on right.

HNCP 10 Blue 328 White 310 Red 248

Dogleg left Par 4 with risk/reward tee shot, creek cuts across fairway approximately 200 yards from tee box.  You can lay up short for a middle iron approach shot, or go for it and have a 50-70 yard approach.

HNCP 4 Blue 361 White 341 Red 280

Par 4 bending right requiring accurate tee shot.  Approach shot to green is a force carry over wetlands. 

HNCP 2 Blue 510 White 495 Red 435

Medium length Par 5 with tree lined fairway with water adjacent left side of fairway.  Good drive would allow you to go for the green in your second shot.  Green protected with water in front and sand bunkers on right.

HNCP 16 Blue 193 White 186 Red 153

Par 3 with mounding on both side of green.  Plays longer then the yardage indicates.

HNCP 8 Blue 441 White 404 Red 371

Straightaway Par 4 with huge Spruce trees adjacent both sides of fairway and around the green.  Fairway bunkers require tee shots to be accurate.

HNCP 18 Blue 172 White 160 Red 130

Very tight Par 3 making a straight tee shot necessary.  Trees surround the green with sand bunkers stopping any shot over the green.

HNCP 7 Blue 380 White 367 Red 280

Par 4 doglegging to the right.  Fairway is tree lined with an uphill approach shot to an elevated green bunkered on the left side. 

HNCP 17 Blue 137 White 122 Red 108

Short Par 3 with green sloping severely from back to front.  Sand bunkers located in front and right side of green. 

HNCP 5 Blue 588 White 573 Red 513

Long Par 5 bending right, with water and trees to negotiate.  Typically requires two shots to reach green.  Long hitters can risk shooting over doglegs to reach green in two.  Green is severally sloped left to right with sand bunker on both sides.

HNCP 13 Blue 275 White 260 Red 238

Short dogleg right Par 4 with trees adjacent right side of fairway and bunkers adjacent left.  Green has water on left side and around back

HNCP 15 Blue 165 White 140 Red 120

Par 3 with well bunkered undulating green.  A straight tee shot is required over wetlands. 

HNCP 11 Blue 320 White 300 Red 240

Dogleg left Par 4 requiring a lay-up shot off the tee.  Approach shot is over a creek to a small green with water adjacent to the right and back side.  Long hitters can go for this green from the tee.

HNCP 9 Blue 390 White 380 Red 320

Straight away Par 4 with creek running adjacent to left side of fairway and trees to the right.

HNCP 1 Blue 556 White 536 Red 450

Long Par 5 requiring two long shots to get close to the green.  Fairway has water and trees along left side and the fairway runs uphill for the last 200 yards.  Green surrounded by trees.

HNCP 3 Blue 445 White 430 Red 345

Great Par 4 finishing hole, tee shot requires length and accuracy.  Fairway is tree lined with a pond on the right side.  The fairway narrows toward a severely sloping green with large Spruce trees catching errant shots.

19 Your last water hazard on the course, you'll have to encounter.

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